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The Story of Nelly Ngubane and Ndabezinhle Crèche

Nelly Ngubane, passionate about children, gifted in communication with them, and Ndabezinhle Crèche just fit together!

Way back in 2004, multi-cultural Crossways Church in Hilton took a decision to decentralise and bring “Church” into the heart of the nearby community of Imbutshane at the top of the Sweetwaters Valley in the hills north of Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Crucial to this decision was a heart to reach out to this impoverished community where Government statistics revealed a community of 1/3 employed, 1/3 unemployed and 1/3 unemployable (children and the elderly). Spearheading the way, was Nelly Ngubane, empowered by the church and who had favour with the local Chief, Nkosi Zondi, who gave her permission to refurbish an old Crèche building which had fallen into disuse and start NDABEZINHLE CRÈCHE . 12 pupils enrolled that first year and from that early start, Nelly has educated herself to a level 4 Early Childhood Development Diploma and the Crèche has received both NPO and PBO status.

Hear Nelly’s heart: “Ndabezinhle Crèche serves the people of Imbutshane which is a small place with a big need. It suffers with lots of poverty. Most of the teenagers have got children. Some of the children are orphans. Others grow up in a bad space where they get lots of abuse by parents and relatives. I teach my pupils values of good life and all about God, discipline, caring and love. They develop skills, and are prepared for big school. If Ndabezinhle Crèche was not there, one 3 year old child would have stayed with only a dog all day; another only had a Granny who couldn’t feed her; and another lives with an unemployed mother. Our Crèche provides all our children with breakfast and lunch.”

It has always been a venture of faith that God would provide the much needed funding to equip Nelly and her assistant, and the Crèche and all the operating costs. He has been faithful and the Crèche has gone from strength to strength even reaching capacity with 30 children and funding for equipment and food has been plentiful. School fees only contribute 25 to 30% of the budget! Non contribution is monitored on a relationship basis. Funding operating costs is crucial. Without Nelly, and without her assistant, there would be no Ndabezinhle Crèche. They are gold in this impoverished community!

If you are able to help financially, please let us know by email to or write to:         

Ndabezinhle Crèche, P.O.Box 525, Hilton 3245 Republic of South Africa
or contact Nelly Ngubane on 072 108 0643

Banking details:

Standard Bank of South Africa                                                                                        

Msunduzi: Branch no: 040727                                                                         

 a/c name: Ndabezinhle Crèche NPC                                                                                         

a/c no: 061261378                                                                                                                

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